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Xtreme Cloud Business Process Accelerators (BPA)

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Xtreme Cloud Dynamic Rendering and Extensible Application Methodology (DREAM)


The Eupraxia Labs Xtreme Cloud   Business Process Management (BPM) Suite

our low-code platform for business developers

Our Business Process Accelerators (BPA) are pre-built Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)-based processes. BPAs are complete applications that are fully tested and ready for customization and deployment via a CI/CD pipeline.

Additionally, our Business Process Accelerators (BPA) are cloud-native engineered out-of-the-box to be extensible and customizable by your business analysts and full-stack development teams. We provide the CI/CD pipeline and the Kubernetes Helm Charts to rapidly build and deploy your business-ready applications. You will beat your competitors to market and you will stay ahead of them.

Release 4.1

 Kubernetes-based Cloud-Native Business Automation Platform 

User Interfaces (UI) and REST endpoints are protected with OIDC and OAuth2 flows by

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
 Travel request Management and
monitoring (TRMM)

The Travel Request Management and Monitoring Business Process Accelerator (BPA) allows organizations to submit, review, and track travel requests.

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EMployee onboarding (EOB)
Align your onboarding process with the corporate strategy of reducing costs through increased efficiency.
Your new hires will be ready to go, right from their first day in your organization.

Automatically track who is doing what and when - our BPA will do it for you. Manual and labor-intensive paper-based tracking will be in your rear-view mirror.

Accelerate Onboarding
    Accelerate Readiness
  Accelerate Productivity
Accelerate Contributions.
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document routing, review,
and approval (DRRA)

The DRRA Business Process Accelerator is a process solution that enables organizations to submit, approve, and track document approval requests using document categories which drive standard routings.