As a Mirantis Certified Partner, Eupraxia Labs delivers cloud-native applications at the speed of innovation.  Open Source  software and cloud-native technologies are the de facto models for innovation. Public cloud providers created a new delivery model for how software should be built, run, secured, and managed. Mirantis enables organizations to rapidly and repeatedly benefit from these approaches by enabling a public cloud-like experience on any cloud.


open source and Key commercial technologies to ensure your success 

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Free  or Open source software (F/OSS)

Businesses like yours have never been more ready to adopt Free or Open Source Software (F/OSS) to compete in the marketplace with the reduced costs. Avoid profit-killing license costs and expand as needed without piled on software costs. Pay-as-you-go and scale-as-you-go, is the key to profitability. We'll help you deliver  your own open source stack as cost-effectively as possible.

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A clear path to commercial support

All F/OSS or upstream software delivered by Eupraxia Labs has a downstream release with commercial support. The commercial support is a safety net that will ensure the success of your implementation efforts. Your projects and initiatives are never in jeopardy. If you want to bring-your-own-license (BYOL), we'll work with you to make it successful.

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Applications big and small

Some development and deployment efforts are as simple as a web server serving static marketing content. Others are as complex as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), with cloud-native microservices, that is complex by its very nature. We strive to make a full range of applications equally simple to develop, test, deploy, monitor, and manage.